I'm from Orlando, FL and graduated from FSU in 2014 with a degree in pure mathematics. From 2014–2015 I studied in the MFoCS course at Oxford University as a member of Merton College, funded by the generosity of the Phillip and Patricia Frost Philanthropic Foundation.

From late 2015–2016 I worked as a research analyst at North Florida Community College (now North Florida College), sometimes tutoring and teaching mathematics. My experience working with relational databases piqued a curiousity in the computational aspects of "mathematical" logic (as opposed to constructive type theories), a subtle topic I wanted to understand better. I am now at the University of Pennsylvania working on a PhD in computer science, where I am currently focusing on formalizing logic within type theory and finding harmony in the numerous topics about which logic has something to say.

I live in Philadelphia with my fiancée Jane and our cat Bagheera.